Building Partnerships

We are aware that small, community-based nonprofits throughout the United States lack the necessary awareness and funds to grow and support their communities. Our goal is to assist these organizations in bringing public awareness to their missions and raising the needed funds through cause-related marketing campaigns. We fundraise for our partners by selling custom-designed apparel that coincides with their causes. 

Enhance Fundraising

Convincing people to donate to your cause is a difficult task. We know that, and we are here to help you on this journey. Our goal is to enhance your fundraising efforts to let you focus on the best ways to serve your community.

Build Awareness

The efficient usage of marketing tools is the very first step to increase fundraising efforts. Do not worry, we will assist you in this task. We commit to advertising our mutual campaigns to bring public awareness to your organization and causes you support.

Professional Resources

There is nothing that excites us more than the growth of the nonprofit sector. We want to participate in it actively. Our website includes articles, insights, and tips to help you strategize on the growth and organizational development of your nonprofit. 

We Follow Best Practices

Our partners and donors should be assured that we carefully follow cause marketing standards that have been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and other government agencies.