Food Security Initiative

Millions of Americans Are Affected

Food insecurity affects millions of Americans each year. According to the USDA's 2019 Household Food Insecurity in the United States report, around 37 million people in the US do not have consistent and dependable access to enough food for all family members. The food insecurity stopped being a problem only of households headed by a single parent or those with incomes near or below the Federal poverty line. Due to the high costs of living and stagnant wages, the food insecurity touches people across different demographics and geography, including middle-class families as well as households where all adults work full-time. 

In 2018, nearly 37 million people in the US did not have consistent and dependable access to sufficient amount of food.

Food Insecurity Continues to Rise In America

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, many Americans have to grapple with the unprecedented toll the pandemic has had on the US economy. While many households struggle to navigate their budget, food insecurity becomes a prevalent issue for families across the country. Some indicators suggest that food insecurity has sharply increased over the last quarter, reaching nearly 80 million Americans. 

Nearly 80 million Americans might be affected by food insecurity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Initiative

The Food Security Initiative emerged to address this problem. We are aware that the demand for food assistance is rising, and food banks that usually struggle with high demand became extremely overburned. In these modern times of scarcity and need, it is crucial to ensure that food bank distributions run smoothly.

The need to tackle the food insecurity problem in our nation is an immediate concern we hope to address, starting with your organization. Learn how we help nonprofits serve their communities.

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