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Altruactive is a nonprofit accelerator committed to helping small nonprofit organizations enhance their marketing capabilities, improve public awareness, and raise the necessary funds to accomplish their everlasting missions.

A little bit about us

Altruactive is a passion project that drives charitable donations to nonprofit organizations that need it most. The concept emerged several years ago; however, it was formed at the initial stages of the Coronavirus pandemic when the need to support local communities became an urgent matter. A simple gesture donation was not enough for us. As we ventured forward, we decided to stand up to a challenge and assist small nonprofit organizations in their mission during these tough times. 

Thinking outside the box is our strength. As a social enterprise, we see opportunities where some might see limitations. Altruactive aspires to be an amplifier for small nonprofit organizations. We want to provide our partners with a comprehensive online presence by crafting meaningful campaigns that attract a broader philanthropic audience. We hope to accomplish so much more.

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