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“While several billion-dollar mega-gifts from wealthy individuals generate headlines that suggest all is well, in fact, large institutions continue to amass resources, while nonprofits serving communities in need are barely getting by.”

— The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption

Why Community-Based Nonprofits Matter

Small community-based nonprofits play a tremendous role in building and sustaining thriving communities across the country. They fill gaps by implementing programs and providing services to the public when the government fails to address the need of the people. They adequately cure, feed, educate, entertain, and advocate on behalf of the public regardless of their limited resources. 

The Challenge Community-Based Nonprofits Face

88% of registered 501(c)3 charitable organizations operate on annual budgets lower than $500K. As wealth becomes more concentrated, donation rates of ordinary households keep falling. It creates a ‘philanthropic inequality’ where financial resources are going to larger nonprofit organizations, and they do not reach communities that need them the most.

Our Mission

Altruactive is a nonprofit accelerator committed to helping small nonprofit organizations enhance their marketing capabilities, improve public awareness, and raise the necessary funds to accomplish their everlasting missions.

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